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Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes, it's true, I am in fact having birthday party planning withdrawals!

There, I admitted it!

For those who know me well, planning birthdays, well any event really is something I absolutely adore doing. I do not admit to be a professional on any level, but as a mummy who works full time, blah, blah, blah, I do my best.

I have even blogged about my planning efforts in the past to maybe inspire other mum's to give it a go, and that has worked a little! Yay!

I am a bit ridiculous and start the planning process a little ahead of time. Okay, I admit it as soon as the kids are out the door and my hands are wet from washing up from one party, I'm on the computer browsing Pinterest and other party bloggers sites looking for inspiration for the next party. Don't laugh!

I love planning for Isabella's birthday's and this year she is turning 6. I had ideas about a wild woodland fairy party, and I was brimming over with ideas about the location, the dessert table, decorations, games, costumes, food, everything!

Then we decided as a family that we were going on our dream cruise in 2012 and we would have to be a bit frugal, so, no party. But, even then I couldn't give up the party idea, so I thought we could do an intimate cupcake party at home with patty cake liner garlands draped around the house and sweet frosting and...then

Well, many of you already know what's happened recently. Dan ,my hubby, got very ill and is currently having chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. (I've been blogging about that too lately if you'd like to catch up).
Whilst Dan is doing amazingly well, and our lives are kind of normal again while he continues treatment, the whole thing has dug into our finances and whilst we won't be on the streets, we have had to make a few financial decisions.

So, no birthday party and no cruise.

Now, that's all okay and we have come to terms, almost with those decisions...

This blog isn't about feeling sorry for myself or our family, quite the opposite, we are just SO happy that Dan's treatment is going so beautifully and we know he will be fine.

I however, am not sure how I will ever recover from the withdrawals of not 'doing' a party this year. (HUGE SIGH!!)

We will of course celebrate Isabella's party and there will be friends, probably a mummy/daughter pedicure and a movie with the girls and a sushi lunch. something like that will be fun and wonderful of course and quite suffices for Isabella. In fact, she is quite fine with the whole idea of no party.

No, it's poor mummy that still finds herself scrolling through my Pinterest boards of inspiration...ah well! There's always next year...hmm :)

Enjoy every day!


p.s. after my recent very serious blogs, I really needed to lighten up and let the world know that the Bozzoli's still have our sense of humour!

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