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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Prank

It's happened! My 5 almost 6 year old pranked me a beauty last night and was sooo cool about it, I am actually kind of proud of her.

Last night I came into the office to check emails (or perhaps sneak in 1 more Bejewelled Blitz game) before I went to bed only to find my PC mouse was dead frozen!!

I did all the usual problem solving, bang it, grimace, wriggle it, tell it it was a stupid bloody mouse, hit a few keys on the keyboard and then being completely peeved turned the bloody thing off!! So, yeah I'm a real tech head! I didn't dare annoy Dan and his Dad who were in Origin heaven!

Off I went to bed thinking that after a good rest the computer and mouse would of course be more cooperative in the morning.

So, this morning I get up do brekky, coffee etc. Dan leaves for work and doc appointment, Isabella is finishing her brekky and I decide to say good morning to the computer. Surely it's going to behave this morning! Hmm!

I turn it on all positive and sending happy vibes only to find the bloody mouse was still frozen!!! What the...????? Argh!! I do all the correct problem solving strategies as per last night only to find, surprise, surprise...it didn't work???

Then, and I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit this bit, only then, did I even think to turn the mouse over and look...ahhhh, what the heck is that??? A Barbie sticker is stuck over the sensor!!! Now how did that...???

I pull it off and what do you know? the mouse works!! I'm such a great problem solver!! I am so happy with myself for being so clever I don't give it another thought, just squeeze in a quick game of Bejewelled...

15 mins later Isabella is getting dressed for school when she calmly asks me with a wry smile on her face..."So, Mum have you checked your emails?" I look at her and think why would she be the slightest bit interested in me check...doh!! Um, yeah, how dumb do I feel? She then smiles and says, "Pranked you!!!" Then starts cracking up! I laughed so hard we just gave each other a big hug and we talked about how clever and sneaky she is.

On the way to school she starts telling me about how she is planning to prank her teacher and Mr Black, the principal!! Uh Oh!!

I've already warned Mr Black, to which he laughed and said "Not if I get her first!!"


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