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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can you help a dream come true?

My husband, Dan and I have had a lovely, albeit, quiet day celebrating Mother's day with Isabella. I got breakfast in bed and lots of delicious wine and a yummy platter for lunch and I'm sure a yummy barbeque dinner will follow shortly. But today we also had a serious discussion about where things were heading during Dan's cancer treatment and how we were coping financially.
It's a discussion that we had kind of put off for a bit because, well, there were more important things to discuss.
But now, it's time to sit and talk.
We've made a few important decisions, and some of them will affect us in quite different ways. We will be fine at the end of it all but I just don't feel right about one. That is, the decision that we cannot go on the dream cruise that we booked for this December for Christmas and to celebrate Dan's 40th birthday.
So, I have decided before we cancel it altogether to throw it out there, to the universe to see if people will help us to see this dream come true.
It's not an important dream in the scheme of things, but to me, well it is really important. I always wanted to have a huge birthday bash for Dan's 40th, because he is the most important person in my life, apart from Isabella. He is my rock, my love, my life! I don't know what I'd be without him.
If I can make this small dream, which is actually huge, come true, it would be a big dream for me too!
If it happens well, it would be unbelievably fantastic!!
But, if it doesn't then we will find a way ourselves to make it a special time, no matter what.
If you have been following our story and you'd like to help, then please share this page with your friends. Perhaps together, with the help of many giving just a little you can help make this familiy dream become a reality!
Please click on the following link to assist us!

Thank you for sharing your time to share our family story.


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