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Friday, December 20, 2013

Isabella's Playroom

New house, new playroom!

We recently moved into a new house...long story, for another time.

My daughter Isabella is excited because she now has a bigger playroom with more space for most of her things.

I am trying to unpack and get the house ready for Christmas which is in 4 days. We have family arriving tomorrow and I am totally disorganised.

I am posting some pics below of her new playroom in it's current state. I am hoping after Christmas to add a stage area for her. I am taking some time off work to care for Dan, another long story.

So, below is her playroom, a work in progress.

 The Barbie Corner- Doll House and Kitchen
 Some storage, more to come and new tubs to go in as well as dress up rack and TV unit with couch.
 Homework desk and craft storage shelves and Christmas Tree.
 Lego table and storage tubs underneath
The TV unit will be white soon. :)
Hope you get some ideas or maybe wait til we are complete!
Have a great Christmas!

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