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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween- Bozzoli Style

Today we began putting up some decorations for Halloween.

Because Halloween is mostly an American holiday we have never really embraced it here in Australia. But because of the commercialism that has crept into every celebration known to man we have begun to 'do' Halloween as well.
I must admit, our family has really only started to have a fun Halloween since Isabella came along.

Our neighbourhood do celebrate in a relaxed and friendly manner so we are very lucky.
On All Hallows Eve families stroll the neighbourhood in a good natured community spirit, chatting, giggling and sharing the spoils of the trick or treat fun!

It's getting quite warm in Queensland now so we can spend the evening quite pleasantly chatting with our neighbours and friends.

I am including below some of our Halloween costumes from the past and some of our decorating in preparation for this year's fun.


Halloween costume 2011. She was a sweet little witch!
2012 - Our house decorations were very minimal!
A not so sweet Pirate!!

Friends joined us for Trick or Treat!
Now 2013!
I sourced lanterns in orange black and white from local discount stores.
The front door hanger was only $2.99

 The black bats I made myself.
The paper pumpkin is an older deco from previous years.
These little pumpkin carriers were $2 for 4 from local discount store. I just attached to spider line. 
I bought 3 witches hats to hang in our entry way inside as well.
I am happy with these simple but friendly and effective decorations for this year. The whole lot cost about $25 and took about 30 mins to hang.

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