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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Blue Bozzoli Christmas 2012 - part 2

Hi again,
I am back to update the decorating as we have continued in the last week. Suffice to say as we have been away having a wonderful time catching up with old friends last weekend we didn't get much time to do a lot.

I have added a few more pieces to the house so I will begin with those and then add a few light pictures of Dan's outside Christmas Light display.

I have used a small scalloped cake plate stand with a small but tall cloche I bought at Sharnel Dollar's recent sale. I filled it with teal baubles.

Here I used a rectangular white ceramic dish with 3 marine coloured glass jars from Bed, Bath and Table with tealights. I filled the dish with teal coloured jingle bells. I bought the jars for $4.95 each and used 3 packs of bells each $2 from Crazy Clark's.

My Ikea cake plate stand and dome were filled with a selection of blue baubles.

Isabella's play area is beginning to get some colour also. I have used a selection of snowflakes on the wall. I bought the large blue flakes from the Dollar shop at Capalaba Park. $3.95 each. The large silver stars are from the Christmas shack, $5.95 each, and the small silver stars are coasters from a $2 pack.
The white timber glittered Christmas tree is from Crazy Clark's also. I think it was a few dollars.

 Our small tree is 4 foot high, it's decorated with blue decorations this year and tinsel and coloured lights. I'll try to get a better pic. I also tried snowflake stencils on the window. Hmm, not sure how I feel about those just yet.
Dan's Christmas Lights
I took a few pics about the front of the house but they aren't great. I'll leave these here for the moment but will come back with better ones when we get a chance.

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