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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Blue Bozzoli Christmas 2012-part 1

It's been a while since I blogged and I apologise for that.
We have been rather busy with school etc. and we have had some good news with Dan's treatment. He has completed his chemo and we will have scan results on Dec 13th, so will update when that happens. In the meantime Dan is well and his recovery from chemo is good so far.

Now, to important issues...Christmas decorating!

I am going to post part 1 of my Christmas decos thus far!

I decided we would be doing a 'blue, white and silver' theme this year. I love the colours, they are fresh and very summery, which is great for our hot summer climate here in Queensland, and if you live in a cold climate then they adapt to look very icy too!

I have been collecting bits and pieces now for a few weeks and have begun to decorate this weekend.
The South East of Queensland has experienced some pretty severe weather this weekend so, decorating has taken a bit of a backfoot. We were going to start our outside light display as well, but, the weather got in the way. So, that blog will come and we have some new lights for that, so I am a bit excited.

Enough chatter, on with the decorating!!!

This is my wreath for the front door. I bought it at 'The Christmas Shack' and decorated it with teal blue baubles.
We love the Christmas Shack and you will see some more lights we got from there when I do my blog of our outdoor lights for this year.
(If you can't get to the Shack, try Crazy Clark's, I saw some plain silver wreaths similar but smaller than this one just today.)
 This display may look similar to one I did last year. I used the same apothecary jar and filled it with blue and silver baubles again. This year I placed it on a white dish and filled with blue beads.
The 'NOEL" sign was from Big W I used this last year also.
I used my 'star' hurricane vase again and filled it with blue baubles but this year I used silver snowflake coasters to give it a bit of a special touch. I got inspiration for this one from Pinterest.
Some of you will recognise my birdcage from my previous blogs. I just added some pretty baubles to my pretty birdies to give this shabby decor item a Chrismassy feel.
I love the way my paper ball display turned out. I went to a sale at Sharnel Dollar's gorgeous house some time ago and found these 6 paper balls for a bargain! I knew they would be perfect for my display. So up they went, then I realised they needed a little 'bling'. So, I added some more of the silver snowflake coasters...super cute!

And because they look so pretty, here's another shot.

Final pic for this part of my decorating blog, this beautiful glassware which I picked up from a Garage Sale site here in the Redlands. I paid $5 for this lot!!! They were a bit grubby, so, a quick rinse and scrub and they came up a treat. Filled with sparkly baubles they look so pretty all gathered together.
So, there you go, part 1 done! Just to let you know that all of the baubles were purchased from places like Crazy Clark's Discount Stores, KMart and Coles supermarkets. I try to be very frugal with my spending and keep costs to a minimum.
I hope you like what I've achieved so far. If you do, then please leave a comment below. I am happy to answer any questions because I LOVE Christmas decorating and I am happy to share any ideas.
For now, bye and I'll be back soon with part 2!

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