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Friday, April 5, 2013

An Easter Surprise

My husband Dan never ceases to amaze me. Even when feeling unwell after his recent stem cell transplant he has still managed to remember his family and how important it is to have relaxing, family time together.

On Easter Monday after farewelling family we were told to pack our bags as were heading down to the Gold Coast for 2 nights for a mini break! He had been planning this secret surprise and it certainly was a big surprise!

We stayed at Mantra Legends which was lovely. Great rooms, gorgeous views and lovely facilities!

Isabella and I were in all honesty not very enthusiastic as we were both tired after hosting family for 2 days of Easter Celebrations and we both wanted some peace and quiet at home. But, Daddy knows best, so off we went and what a great break it was! Clever Daddy!

We had a lovely ocean view from our room and the hotel had lovely facilities. Isabella really enjoyed the pool and I enjoyed the Pina Coladas!

We mostly relaxed and strolled about Surfer's Paradise and the beach. It was just what the doctor ordered! Dan relaxed and forgot about all he had just been through. Which was great because not long after we got home Thursday we were off to the hospital for a check up, which went well. Yay!

Now, we have 1 more week of holidays before Isabella and I return to school. We are all relaxed and rested.

I love you Dan Bozzoli!

VERY indulgent breakfast at Pancakes in Paradise!
Having lots of fun at Timezone!

Enjoying the Surfers boardwalk and evening markets
Cocktails by the pool, yum!
Jazz at the beachside
Our View!
Fun on the beach!
Morning view from bed!
My two very favourite people in this world looking very relaxed and happy!
Til next time!

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