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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas 2011- We love Christmas!

Most people who know me also know my love for this time of the year. I get so excited when I see the first decorations in the shops and I smell summer in the air. It means Christmas is just around the corner!

It also means making lots of lists!
I am indeed a bit of a list freak. Lists for menus, lists for shopping, lists of presents, lists of shops to buy the presents, lists of decorations to buy and so on.

Fortunately my patient husband, Dan is also a Christmas fanatic, phew!
His big thing is Christmas lights. Don't get me wrong, we don't enter the light competitions and we still have a way to go but we do make a pretty good light display.

So, this year I thought I'd share some images, thoughts and ideas for my Christmas blog.

Let's start with the lights.

Here are a few of the lights around the house this year. Although some new ones have been added...so I'll try and add them later.

Don't they look pretty?

We took Isabella for a visit to the Myer Centre in the city this year. It was something I remember doing with my brother and sister and my mum when I was a young girl.
It was a bit different now I'm grown but still magical! Isabella loved it but has started asking questions about why that Santa is different to Santa at our local shops where she usually has her photo.
Hmm, I think we got around it but perhaps that's a subject for another blog?

 Isn't her dress adorable? It's a label called 'Jelly the Pug' from the US, and was available through my gorgeous friend Emma at Miley Matilda, but I'm pretty sure these sold out super fast!

The window display this year was gorgeous!

Then it came time for me to start decorating the house inside.
This year I decided we would have a silver, red and white theme.
The Bozzoli Christmas tree is an exception to this rule...we add a new decoration every year. This is something Dan and I decided when we were first together. Isabella will take her's with her when she moves out as a grown up and begin her own family tradition.

I am really happy with the results of my many little treasures I have been collecting for months!

My Dad and step mum, Mary are visiting with my step-sister and us this Christmas so I thought I'd let them help Isabella prepare her Gingerbread train...it was such a sickly, sweet, sticky mess...but heaps of fun!

So, we have well and truly got Christmas under control! I have all my presents ready to wrap and food bought and ordered so what now?
Enjoy, relax and eat, drink and be merry!

Merry Christmas to all my beautiful friends and family!



  1. This is a beautiful idea Kym!! Loved reading your blog and looking at the pics. Have a wonderful Christmas with your gorgeous family x

  2. Thanks Joh! It will be a special Christmas for you too!! Much Love! xxx

  3. Love it....you have way too much energy, but wonderful energy. Wish my family shared your enthusiasm. Merry Christmas to you, Dan and Isabella. xxxx