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Friday, April 1, 2011

It Has Begun! Planning Isabella's 5th Birthday Party.

I decided that this year I would blog the process I go through to plan a party for my princess.
I know many of my friends think I over indulge Isabella when it is birthday time or perhaps always.
But, I have lost too many of my beloved family, so now I treasure every birthday...except my own, and want her and I to have so many beautiful memories to carry with us forever.
Having said that the process for the 5th birthday begins!
I can't believe it's number 5 this year!

1st Step- Choosing a theme

In the past we have had:

1st birthday- no party, just a small family gathering.

2nd birthday- Dora Fairytale Adventure Party

3rd birthday- Happy Birthday Theme
with jumping castle and activities

4th Birthday- Princess High Tea Party

For 2011 we have decided to host a 'Movie' Theme Party.

2nd Step- Colour Scheme

I always begin with the theme and then choose 2-3 colours to decorate.

Dora Party- Purple and Green
Birthday party- Primary Colours
Princess Tea Party- Pink and Purple.

So, the Movie Party Theme will be -
Red and White with Yellow accents.

After this step I begin browsing other inspirational pages and blogs for images and ideas to help create the party.
Some of the most amazing ladies out there with such creative flair.
Some of my favourites places to visit are

Kara's Party Ideas

Candy Soirees Event by Design Styling


Red polka dot large paper lantern | Candy Soirees

Kate Lander's Events


and there are so many local facebook and web pages to find inspiration.

Here are a few images I have found that have inspired this year's fun and frivolity.

Paper Eskimo
have provided me with some gorgeous items to get the ball rolling!

Sharnell Dollar Designs

Alida Candy Jar - Sharnel Dollar Designs

So you see how the process has begun?

Now we just have to organise all the food, activities, decorations and of course presents!
Actually, I have most of that sorted...but will save for another day's post.

Hope this was of interest or perhaps gave you a few ideas.
I'll be back with a birthday update soon...we have exactly...8 weeks to go til the big day.


  1. Indulge away Kym! If we can't spoil our girls on their birthdays, when can we?

    BTW - do you rent yourself out? Kira has informed me she wants a dress up party this year - help!!!

  2. LOL! Kylie...you know I'd love to help!