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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Wedding

Daniele and Kym's Wedding
27th August, 2005
Our Perfect Day

 My photographer was my boss at the time, Lex, he was brilliant!
Arrived at 9am and stayed until we left the reception.
He really captured the mood of everyone throughout the day!

 I felt very calm and relaxed before the wedding and I think it showed in the photos. The excitement didn't hit until after the ceremony was over.

    My gorgeous Dad was also very emotional.

The roses were exceptionally beautiful and lasted for a good 3 weeks!
 I took my bouquet of 3 dozen roses with me on our honeymoon to Noosa.


 My husband Daniele, and his best man, Bill. They were friends since school.
Dan was so nervous before hand.
 Friends told me later he was very emotional.

 My Dad was very protective of me, he held my hand so tightly, I thought the circulation would be cut off!

You can probably tell my favourite colour is pink and our theme for the wedding day was
 'roses and romance'.
My beautiful dress was made for me by Dell, the head seamstress of one of Qld's leading wedding designers, Wendy Makin, although Wendy didn't design my dress, she did have input into the making of the gown. The fabrics include, french lace on the bodice, and silk. The lace on the bodice was on sale at $160 a metre and as they only had a half metre left and that was all I needed I was rather relieved! It really looked gorgeous!
The dress was very comfortable but heavy with over 20+ metres of fabric in it.

He looks so nervous!

Now he looks a bit more relaxed.

The ceremony was lovely.

2 white doves were released during our ceremony.
They symbolised my darling mother and sister who have both passed away.

The cake was made by 2 very clever and talented ladies. The fruit cake was made by Denise, the best friend of my Step-mum, Mary. Denise lives 1200kms away from Brisbane and so the journey to Brisbane was both frantic and a delicate one.
The roses were lovingly created by my Aunt's sister-in-law, Barbara, and she only wanted to charge $20 for making them! Needless to say, we negotiated another more appropriate price.
 The cake was delicious and the top layer was kept to be eaten at our daughter, Isabella's Christening on Christmas Eve, 2006. It still tasted yummy!

I still have the roses kept behind glass.

Our tables were decorated with scattered rose petals and hurricane vases with rose bud pot pourri from 'Dusk' and white pillar candles decorated by myself with glass beads woven on wire and wound around the candles.

Our bombonniere were made from imported Italian boxes filled with 5 candied hearts, (Conversations, they are called in Australia). The boxes were decorated by myself with pink bows and roses, vellum paper with each guests name was attached.

Our wedding and reception were held at Boulevard Gardens at Indooroopilly in Brisbane. They were amazing, I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of a Brisbane wedding.

My brother-in-law, David, was our MC. He was absolutely fantastic and everything ran perfectly smoothly.
 It was an emotional night as he was my sister's husband. David is now engaged and a father to a beautiful 4 month old baby boy!

No explanation necessary for these 2 photos.

We spent our wedding night at The Stamford Plaza hotel in Brisbnae and then honeymooned in Noosa at the Jazz festival for a week. It was glorious!
I planned all the wedding myself and found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. As everything was my decision and there was little input from family, (Dan and I paid for the wedding ourselves), it made the process easy and relaxed.
Dan was there for every step of the process. There were some things he was more interested in than others, wedding cars over bombonniere, but he still came with me to see about the invitations being made etc. We worked well together. Even now, we work things out and talk about all decisions together. I guess that's why we are still happily married 5 years later.

Please ask if you have any enquiries about any of the vendors we used as I would recommend them all. I am also happy to give any advice on planning your own wedding. It was wonderful!

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